At Charter Tactical LLC we are a family owned and operated business who are committed to giving back to a cause we are extremely passionate about, and that is the fight to save our children. 

As a family with children we understand the issue we are faced with in this world - child sex trafficking, and we believe in the mission of 'Revved Up Kids'. 

Our Commitment:

  • $1 of every order will be donated to 'Revved Up Kids'.

About Revved Up Kids

Revved Up Kids was founded with a singular purpose: Protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation.

We accomplish this by providing exceptional sexual abuse prevention training programs for children, teens, parents and youth-serving organizations. Each program is designed to teach participants who predators are, how they operate, how to be safer, and how to respond to a predator. Our programs focus on personal safety; many include self-defense for children and teens.

Revved Up Kids believes that all children are precious and should be safe from sexual abuse. We also believe they should be safe from racism, hate and injustice. We stand alongside the black community in their efforts to reform America’s justice system to eliminate the racial inequity that has been perpetrated for generations. We believe this reform is the responsibility of all Americans and we look forward to the day when racial harmony and equity are our cultural norm. 

Revved Up Kids works with private groups and child-serving organizations throughout metro-Atlanta and North Georgia, training thousands of children every year.

To learn more about 'Revved Up Kids' go here:

Know that you're supporting the fight against child sex tracking with every order you make - help us help our children.

Matthew Cooke, Founder & CEO