5 Things to know before purchasing a gun belt
  1. How much your weapon weighs for the gun belt?

Many gun belts have limits on how much weight they can safely support. This is typically referred to as a load rating. Be sure you know how much your sidearm weighs, as well as any other gear you may be attaching to your belt. 


  1. What are your waist measurements for your gun belt?

Obviously, you’ll want a men's ratchet belt that fits. Before you purchase a new gun belt, take a minute to measure your hips. You can do this by threading a flexible measuring tape through the quality web belt loops of your pants. Be sure the tape measure is sitting level on your waist or hips - wherever you’ll be wearing the gun belt. Note the number on the measuring tape and add two to get your belt size.  


  1. What will you be using the gun belt for?

Everyday carry can mean different things from person to person. If you’re going to be casually carrying your sidearm for personal protection, you may want to consider styles that look more like a traditional belt. If you know you’ll need easy access to your weapon, consider a more tactical design. 


  1. What gun belt styles do you already own?

Take stock at the different tactical belts you already own, if any. If there’s a style you already enjoy, consider purchasing the same design in a different color. Or, if you only own casual-style gun belts, consider something a little more formal to help round out your options. 


  1. How other gun belts have worked out in the past, and why?

Maybe thicker waistbands don’t sit well on your hips, or it’s difficult for you to use a certain type of buckle mechanism. Keep those kinds of things in mind when you’re looking for a new gun belt so you can narrow down your options based on your previous experience.  

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