The Complete Guide to Gun belts and their Selection in 2022

This is a complete guide to EDC Gun Belts in 2022. 

In this blog post, I am going to share with you the top considerations when choosing/buying a Gun Belt.

Let's dive right in.


What is a Gun Belt?

Gun Belts are those belts that are specifically designed to support a gun holster in a fixed position. They are different from regular belts as these gun belts have more strength and stability and their raw materials are tougher and high quality.

Investing in a quality gun belt is essential. However, with the overwhelming amount of options available in the market, getting the right Belt for you can be challenging. Different gun belts can vary quite significantly from each other and have certain features and drawbacks that need to be considered before making a decision. 

Therefore, in this post, we will tell you about everything you need to consider when choosing an everyday carry gun belt. 

Why do you need a gun belt?

When carrying a pistol on your webbing belt, you have to make minute adjustments to get the Belt, holster, and all the other gear to fit perfectly. In normal belts, which have fastening holes, you can't get these small adjustments, whereas dedicated EDC gun belts have rachet systems or cobra buckles which allow you to do so. 

need of a gun belt

Many people don't pay as much attention to their Belt as they should, and in many cases, use a normal belt to carry their gun. However, this can lead to several tactical performance and safety issues. Normal belts can Sag under the weight of your gun and other additional gear. This makes carrying the gun uncomfortable and compromises your concealability as well. Moreover, they lack the sturdiness and longevity you get from a purpose-built tactical gun belt. 

Top considerations when buying a Gun Belt

Now, the question arises: what to look for when buying gun belts? Below is the top consideration when buying a gun belt.

1-Make sure that your EDC gun belt is Rigid. 

The main features distinguishing a gun belt from a regular belt are its stiffness and rigidity. It would help if you had a stiff belt to carry the gun so that your Belt doesn't sag under its weight or the gun doesn't flop outwards. 

Sagging and flopping your gun can be very uncomfortable and have a negative impact on your self-defense capabilities. When you draw your gun from your Belt, you need it to be at the same spot and the same angle every time. This allows you to do quickdraws; however, it can be difficult to draw when your gun is flopping to the side or sagging because of the weak Belt. A ratchet belt that is not rigid enough can also affect the concealability of your gun. 

Strength and rigidity are essential, but even some purpose-built gun belts can be more rigid than others. Generally, maximum strength gun belts tend to be made from thick double-layered Nylon or thick leather and can sometimes be difficult to conceal. Typically, they are better for overt carry or used as a duty belt to carry handguns, flashlights, and other tactical gear

So, make sure your concealed carry gun belt is stiff so that it can hold the weight of your pistol and gear. Keep an eye on the thickness of the Belt as well, typically the thicker the Belt, the more stiff and rigid it will be, which is good for external carry, or use at the range; however, Really thick Belts can themselves print through light garments like t-shirts, and draw unnecessary attention to your waistline. If you are carrying your pistol concealed, you need to look for a belt with a flexible lower profile that is still stiff enough to hold your pistol and a couple of extra mags.

2-Look at the buckle design


Another important factor that can determine the effectiveness of an everyday carry gun belt is the design of its buckle. There are two ways a buckle impacts your everyday carry, adjustability and concealability. 

Normal belt buckles aren't as adjustable and are limited to the holes on the Belt. These holes are usually more than an inch apart and don't leave any way to make minor adjustments, essential for comfort. The ideal fit for a belt can change significantly several times a day. Typically, you need to wear EDC belts tightly, and when you eat a big meal, the Belt can get uncomfortable. Ideally, it would help if you made small adjustments to your Belt as needed and not be limited to the holes on the Belt. 

This is where modern everyday carry gun belt buckles come in. Though you can find simple gun belts with traditional buckles, many modern gun belts have ratchet fastening systems. In such a system, the Belt has a track line, and the buckle has a racket that can lock anywhere on the beltline, allowing you to make adjustments as small as a quarter inch. Some modern Nylon belts also have Cobra buckles; these buckles are also super adjustable and easy to take off in emergencies. However, they also have a very tactical look that can attract attention. 

The size of the buckle can also affect concealability. Many gun belts are quite thin on their own and then have thick buckles, thus making the buckle very prominent. Such buckles can print through your clothes and decrease concealability. 

Here's a helpful tip, if you are carrying an appendix or in front, you may find it more comfortable wearing the belt buckle off-center on your waistline. This allows the buckle to be concealed more easily, and it doesn't interfere with your holster as well. 

3-Your gun belt needs to be comfortable:

comfort of edc belt

Lastly, comfort is another important factor to keep in mind when buying an Everyday carry gun belt. A gun belt is something that you will wear for a significant amazon of the day, every day. Therefore, you need to make sure that it is comfortable. 

Typically, Rigid belts are more comfortable because they keep your gun upright and prevent it from constantly stabbing you in the ribs when you sit down or bend over. Also, they can support the gun's weight without causing your pants to Sag. Belts with large buckles can also be uncomfortable, so you should avoid them. 

4-Your EDC gun belt should be durable:

When you go out to buy a gun belt, you will get various options and different price ranges. The idea is not to creep out, and you need to have a belt made from high-quality materials. In the case of a leather gun belt, don't settle for anything less than full-grain or top-grain leather, and in the case of Nylon, Cordura, 1000D Cordura, or Nylon X-treme are the most durable options. 

You should also consider the quality of the buckles on your EDC belts. Most of the time, the buckles are the part of the Belt that fails first. Most high-quality belts have buckles made from metals like aircraft-grade aluminum or stainless steel, or in some cases, they can also be made from super strong polymers. Another point is that the Belt and the buckle should attach strongly. Some buckles tend to be a little flimsy on low-quality EDC gun belts and later lead to problems. 

A high-quality gun belt will keep serving you for years, so when you consider that and the fact that it makes you more effective with your gun, the cost should not be a problem.

5-The kind of gun you are going to carry:

What gun do you carry every day? Is it something like a subcompact Sig P365, a mid-sized pistol like a Glock 17, or do you carry a full-sized pistol, like maybe a Beretta M9? The weight and size of your everyday carry gun are important factors to consider when getting a concealed carry belt? 

You will need a strong and weight-bearing belt for a full-sized pistol, so something with a metal core is the best way to go. Otherwise, most lightweight subcompact polymer frame handguns and Nylon belts that aren't as strong also work great and are more affordable. 

6-Your gun belt should be very adjustable:

Secondly, the most important feature of any gun belt is adjustability. Unlike the traditional eyelet system in most belts, which can only be adjusted to specific lengths, you need a belt that offers a lot more adjustability. 

Standard belts tend to be too tight in one hole or too loose in the next. Moreover, as you eat food and go through your day, the ideal fit for your Belt can change. Therefore, a belt that isn't adjustable just isn't cut it. 

Most modern EDC gun belts feature a track line adjustment system, which works with a ratchet in the belt buckle, and allows you to make adjustments for even a quarter inch. Nylon belts are also super adjustable double loop adjustment systems, making them easy to fit perfectly. 

7-The material of the Belt:

Next up, the most important thing to consider is the best material. Typically, gun belts are made from leather or Nylon, so which one should you choose?

Well, both materials have their advantages. You'll find many people saying the Nylon is the modern alternative for leather belts; however, in truth, both materials tend to work and can effectively handle the weight of firearms and additional EDC gear. 

If you are using a belt for overt carry, or you usually wear outfits that keep your Belt visible, then leather belts are the better option. Leather belts look more normal and are versatile to fit with many outfits, even suits. However, leather belts need to be quite thick to achieve the stiffness required for carrying a gun, which can hurt concealability in some cases. Still, if you are willing to spend more, you can get low-profile leather gun belts, which use a metal core for stiffness, and are a lot thinner. 

Nylon belts also have their place and are ideal for a concealed carry belt since they are quite thin. Moreover, with a low profile buckle, they can look very inconspicuous as well unless you have a belt in a tactical color like OD green or desert Tan. Nylon belts are more tactical and usually have quick-release buckles, making them a really good range belt. 

Lastly, whether you choose a leather or Nylon belt, it is very important to check the durability of the material because gun belts usually see a lot of rugged use, and you need your Belt to last a long time to be worth its price. 

8-Your EDC gun belt should be versatile:

Lastly, apart from being durable, rigid, adjustable, and comfortable, one factor that many people tend to neglect is versatility. You can find many tactical gun belts or duty belts in the market that are perfect for carrying a lot of gear, but they stick out like a sore thumb. 

It would help if you had a belt that could go with multiple outfits. For instance, if you get a Nylon belt in Army green, and it has a tactical cobra buckle, you can't wear it with a suit and look fashionable. Ideally, it would help if you looked for a belt that you can wear with casual and formal clothes, and many high-quality belts fit this niche. 

Still, I'm not one to give any fashion advice; if you like a belt and think you can pull it off with any outfit, you should go for it, or maybe you can buy two belts, one that has a more tactical appearance and uses it for the range, and one that is more formal, that you can use when you need to look more presentable. 

What are the benefits of having good Gun belts?

If you carry a pistol on your waist as a part of your EDC, you need to know the importance of a good EDC gun belt. A quality gun belt is like the base of your entire EDC and self-defense system. Unlike a regular belt, it is purpose-built to have the rigidity and durability to carry your holster, firearm, extra mags, and other supporting equipment. 

benefits of gun belts


EDC, also known as "Everyday Carry," is a favorite pastime for many. More importantly, EDC belts are essential gear in today's "everyday carry world." They come in handy in keeping things tactical, minimalist, and functional. 

However, going for any EDC gun belt available in the market is not the right move. You need to carry out proper research to ensure that you're going for the best available product.

The good news is that we have done that and put together the best EDC gun belts for you. First, let's check out some tips to help you shop for your next EDC gun belt. 

Is a gun belt worth it?

The reality is that owning an EDC belt allows you to conceal-carry your sidearm, not to mention that it also allows you to accommodate still other tactical equipment necessary to carry out specific tasks. Run-of-the-mill belts don't just cut it, which is why having an EDC gun belt as an accessory is the best bet as it aids in concealing future EDC items like knives, amongst other tools you might need to get the job done.

Quality EDC belts to check out.

1-Kore Essentials Gun Belt

Kore Essentials Gun Belt

This EDC gun belt comes equipped with double belts in a bundle that serves different uses. There is no course for alarm as you don't need both simultaneously. In this case, the kore leather belt comes in handy for everyday casual use but is not advisable for use in an operational capacity. The Nylon Kore 2.0, on the other hand, is the best fit for use in the field and tandem alongside other tactical equipment.

You can obtain this product in either leather or nylon-based on your preference. It is necessary to point out that the nylon option is a suitable choice for working in the field. Irrespective of this, both are still of very high quality. In addition, the buckles are a one-of-a-kind spring-loaded design that ensures that the fastening system doesn't jam up. In addition, this EDC gun belt provides you with just enough room to adjust your EDC fit.

2-Nexbelt EDC Rogue Black Gun Belt

Nexbelt EDC Titan BD Black PreciseFit Gun Belt


The Nexbelt EDC Rogue Black Gun Belt is the perfect conceal/carry accessory, especially as it is specifically created for men who want their protection without compromising their discretion. This EDC gun belt allows you to blend in, especially if you don't want anyone knowing that you are carrying a sidearm. This is a significant factor to consider when purchasing an EDC gun belt, and with the EDC Rogue, you have the perfect solution.

One major feature of the EDC rogue is its apt attention to detail in terms of its construction. Manufactured with stainless steel fasteners instead of pins and for added security, the clasp is equipped with a backup set screw, allowing the EDC rogue user to carry/conceal with extra confidence by providing a durable and stronger hold.

3-DALTECH Bull Belt

Arguably one of the thickest concealed carry belts available on the market, this EDC gun belt is guaranteed to stand the test of time. It is equipped to house a lot of gear, but it is a suitable fit, especially if you tend to be rough on your kit. Though no doubt its thickness is one of its best features, it might, however, feel too thick for some. Its material is not only of high-quality, but its stitching is also very unique, not to mention it serves its purpose of looking inconspicuous, which is the main point of having an EDC gun belt amongst others. The Caltech bull belt is made from some of the best leather works and finest materials available. Its final touch is a removable buckle held together with Chicago screws.

4-HELICON-TEX Cobra Range Gun Belt

This all-purpose tactical gun belt is a suitable option, especially if you are a private contractor or a law enforcement officer. It allows you to fit all tactical gear you need as well as other essential tools. In addition, even if you choose not to bring your sidearm with you, you can still wear it casually. It is not only durable but also capable of taking a beating and remaining fully operational.

This EDC gun belt is equipped with a quick-release system that allows you to get your gear on and off in quick time and more efficiently. This EDC gun belt is different from its counterpart because of its one-of-a-kind PALS/MOLLE compatible external layer. It also allows one to incorporate clip-on or any modular pouches without stress, as well as also adjust their positions to suit your preference.

5-HANKS Montana Bison Belt

The Hanks Montana Bison belt provides you with both style and durability. This EDC gun belt offers its users a host of benefits, not to mention that its features include a double-layered construction made from luxurious bison leather. This provides it with that much-needed thickness that aids against warping when you attach a firearm or phone. 

Its leathering also serves as resistance against peeling, cracking, or splitting. When unboxed, it comes equipped with a stainless-steel roller buckle fastened together with Chicago screws, allowing you to swap with ease anytime you feel like it. In addition, its durability is guaranteed with double-needle stitching that adds an extra layer, ensuring that it stands the test of time.

6-CONDOR LCS Cobra Gun Belt

This EDC gun belt is solely designed for tactical and survival operations purposes; it is a perfect option for private defense contractors, military enforcement, and law enforcement. It is necessary to understand that you might find the customization a bit excessive for your purposes, especially if you are not looking to use it in the field.

Made from a similar military-grade aluminum alloy used in airplanes and ships, it is a sure guarantee that this Belt can perform under pressure. This EDC gun belt is also incredibly lightweight irrespective of its strength which in turn allows you to pack heavier tactical gear and sidearms.

7-5.11 Tactical 1.5 "Trainer Belt


When recommending a quality EDC gun belt, the 5.11 tactical trainer belt is usually in the top ten to choose from. It is designed to be both casual and functional as one can easily and comfortably wear at home or when on the field. One might be worried about its functionality, especially if you are a police officer. However, you can rest easy as it is equipped with standard police issue equipment you might need, not to mention that it performs beyond expectation.

Its high-quality material prevents cut from penetrating the fabric, and in addition, it prioritizes comfort as it holds all you need together without cutting into your waist or sagging. Finally, the belt buckle is a product of high quality, strong stainless steel made from a single billet, thereby ensuring that it keeps its strength and form longer than a lot of its competition.

With these tips, you're ready to go shopping for your next quality EDC gun belt that will meet all your needs. To truly get the best on the market, be sure to look out for top-notch stores like Charter Tactical.

Final thoughts:

So, here are some important things to keep in mind when you are looking for a good gun belt. We hope that this post helps you find a product that works for your EDC. 

So, in conclusion, a good gun belt is an absolutely essential part of your EDC. in fact, it is the platform that your EDC gear like your gun, mag pouch, knife, and flashlight rely on. Therefore, I hope that this post helps you find the best EDC gun belt for you, and learn more about its importance. 

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