Our 5 best gun belts under $60

Gun belts for less than $60..?

We believe that great tactical and every day carry gear shouldnt cost a fortune. Thats why our products are priced to help you afford a gun belt that will keep you safe and looking great. 

Here are a few of our favorite gun belts, all for less than $60:


  1. Nexbelt EDC Gun Belt ,Titan EDC Precisefit $57 - Click Here 

Our most affordable gun belt, the Nexbelt Titan provides a secure hold and a durable nylon strap that comes in three colors: Black, gray, and coyote. Plus, our Nexbelt Titan gun belts come with free gun oil wipes with every purchase. 


  1. Nexbelt EDC Gun Belt, Bone Collector Hunter Precisefit $54.99 - Click Here 

If you need a dependable gun belt for hunting, look no further. The Nexbelt Bone Collector Hunter Precisefit Gun Belt features a camo design and a durable nylon strap that’s ready to ensure whatever surprises nature has in store. This great edc gun belt also comes with free Ballistol Gun Oil with every purchase. 


  1. Nexbelt EDC Gun Belt, Supreme Appendix $54.99 - Click Here 

Among our best-selling gun belts, the Nexbelt Supreme Appendix is one of our most versatile and practical gun belts for everyday carry. The simple design and durable nylon material can’t be beaten. Each Nexbelt Supreme Appendix Gun Belt comes with free Ballistol Gun Oil Wipes. 


  1. Kore Essentials EDC Gun Belts, Tactical X1 Black Gunmetal $59.95 - Click Here 

The Kore Essentials EDC Gun Belt is a great staple to add to your edc belt collection. The stylish yet neutral design looks great for any occasion. Plus, you get a free closet hanger with your purchase! 


  1. Kore Essentials EDC Gun Belts, X5 Black $59.95 - Click Here 

A leather gun belt for less than $60 is a steal, and you cant beat the Kore Essentials quality and style. This great leather belt has a 4 lb. load rating, making it great for everyday carry. Our tan leather gun belt also comes with a free closet hanger.  

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