Ukrainian Russian War Invasion: A brief summary of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Where did it all start with Ukraine and Russia?

Before 1991, Ukraine was a part of the Soviet Union, and as such, it has a very similar culture. However, since 2014, the relations between the two countries have been quite sour. The problems started after massive riots and protests started in Ukraine in early February of 2014. The “Revolution of Dignity” as it is known in Ukraine, resulted in the removal of President Viktor Yanukovych and his government, which was claimed to be Pro-Russia. Russia on the other hand believed that the coup was backed by the US and its NATO allies.

Around the same time, on 20th February, two days after the riots started in Ukraine, Russia attacks Crimea, a region of Ukraine, and took over in about a month. Around the same time, a Russian-backed separatist movement started in the Eastern Donbas regions of Ukraine, which has seen conflict ever since, with thousands of lives lost.

Now, as Ukraine was becoming more in Favor of joining NATO, and the EU, Russia was not in favor, since it didn't want NATO to expand to its borders. Early this year, Russia started moving troops near the Ukrainian border and was preparing for an invasion. Putin presented Russia's Demands to NATO, asking for a stop to NATO expansion into Eastern Europe, and Ukraine, along with other demands, but NATO was not ready to agree.

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On 21st February, Russia recognized two self-proclaimed states in the Donbas region of Ukraine, and moved its troops there, to launch a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Ukrainian forces have been fighting hard to defend their territories, using their military resources, and the Weapons and Defense Systems provided by the US and NATO.

The Russian invasion was followed by targeted airstrikes on important military and government buildings in Ukraine, and tanks entering from the Belarus border as well. According to the latest news, Russia has taken over many objectives and buildings, along with the  Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant as well. However, according to US defense officials, Russia is meeting more fierce resistance from the Russian Military than they had expected as the move towards the Capital Kiev.

Ukrainian Civilian With AK47

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As a response to the aggression by Russia, Most western Powers including the US, have imposed heavy economic sanctions on Russia, which they claim to be taking a significant toll on the Russian economy, however, most experts, and the Ukrainian people believe that Sanctions alone won't be enough to deter Russia. Though both the UK and Germany have also sent weapons and military supplies to Ukraine in the past few days, NATO has not yet considered deploying their own units into Ukraine, as that could result in a massive escalation that neither side is ready for.

In the meantime, Ukraine is feeling the might of the Russian forces, as many cities including Kharkiv and Kyiv have been heavily bombed. Yesterday, officials from both countries met in Belarus to talk, however, no solution or dissolution was agreed upon.

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Today, many satellite images have shown a massive Russian Military Convoy moving towards Kyiv, and it is expected that the city will see a much more strong and coordinated attack in the days to come. As of now, the Ukrainian people are looking towards the world, and especially NATO and the EU to help them protect their sovereignty and protect their people. As Moscow seems more and more isolated every day. As of now, we can't be certain how events will unfold in the next couple of days. All we do know is that the world can not survive major escalations between two powers as big as NATO and Russia.

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David Dzidzikashvili

David Dzidzikashvili

Ukraine desperately needs game-changer modern weapons from the NATO countries. The Ukrainian military is still not receiving the heavy weapons systems Zelensky had been asking the Biden Administration and the Germans (other than M777 Howitzers and recently approved shorter-range HIMARS from the US). Scholz had been shamelessly deceiving the Ukrainians and the German leadership has utterly failed even though Chancellor Scholz has declared that he wants Ukraine to win.
Right now all military analysts would agree that Russia’s ground maneuvering systems are failing and that’s why the Russian army is heavily reliant on the heavy artillery and its use. This is exactly what is grinding down the Ukrainian forces – Russia’s heavy use of artillery systems. The Russian forces had been bombing civilian urban sectors at the rate of industrial bombardment the EU had not witnessed since World War 2. Putin can stop this at any time, at any moment he can issue STOP order to his forces, since he is the one who ordered full-scale invasion of Ukraine.
At this point what the US, EU and NATO needs to do is to immediately provide the Ukrainians modern heavy weapons and not just the decades old Soviet junk – T72, BMPs etc. The old Soviet junk does work, however it is still the old Soviet made junk – not a true gamechanger that we need to see on the battlefield. The US, NATO and EU need to step up the game and immediately provide the Ukrainians: longer range artillery rockets (300km range HIMARS), land based anti-ship platforms with longer-range capabilities, M1A1 / M1A2 and Leopard tanks, longer range anti-air capabilities. These systems will have an immediate impact and guarantee the Ukrainians will be victorious on the battlefield. This is the only way we can stop the Dictator Putin and his war criminal generals, oligarchs and cronies (who fund and support the war efforts). This is the only way we can stop this war – make 100% sure Ukraine wins and will be victorious on the battlefield!



“However, according to US defense officials, Russia is meeting more fierce resistance from the Russian Military than they had expected as the move towards the Capital Kiev.”


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