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People feel comfortable wearing it all day long


People feel confident carrying their firearm with it


People have tested the belt in a real life situation


People think the rigidity of the belt is perfect for EDC & Tactical

600D Ballistic Nylon Webbing

Constructed with a durable 600D nylon webbed design in a tactical style, these belts are built to withstand even the toughest conditions. The metal buckle & 2 additional screws adds an extra level of security, ensuring that your belt stays in place throughout the day. 

EDC or Tactical Use

Whether you're at the range, on a hunting trip, or in a tactical situation, our Heavy Duty Ratchet Gun Belts are the perfect accessory for any gun owner.

32 Track Positions

The EDC Gun belt is designed with no holes, which means it can be completely adjusted for a custom fit whether you're carrying your gear or not. The buckle on our tactical belt can be adjusted up to 32 track positions, offering a fit like no other belt.

Durability at its Finest 

This EDC Gun Belt is engineered with a super-high-density microfiber material that is an advanced composite of ultra-fine polyester fibers; superbly strong and light for its ergonomic wear. 

Styles & Colors

Both the Hero 1.0 and the Protector 1.0 Gun Belts have the same denier count of 600D and have the same rigidity and strength values. Both have the same ratchet functionality with 32 adjustable track positions. The only difference is the look; one is more dress style and the other is a tactical woven style.

Water Protective Layer

Our heavy duty 600D nylon belt straps have a water protective layer allowing them to withstand even tougher conditions.


With a white, deeply embossed logo on the sleek buckle that blends in seamlessly with the Nylon belt, this belt isn't just highly functional but extremely stylish. The buckle also has 2 set screws to give a more reliable hold.


What's inside the box?

  • Inside the box are the belt buckle, the belt strap, 2 screws to further secure the buckle on the strap and an instruction card.

Will the belt fit through my pant loops?

Yes. The 1.38" belt width will fit through almost any belt loop. And the 1.5" width belt will fit through most male belt loops. The 1.75" belt is for tactical use and will only fit through specific belt loops.

How strong are the belts?

The belts are very strong, yet comfortable enough to wear all day. The denier count is 600 and the belts can hold a weight of over 250lbs meaning they can handle all tactical gear in tough conditions.

What size do I need?

The regular standard size will fit up to a 46" waist, and since you cut it to size it will fit any waist size smaller than that. The large size will fit up to a 61" waist, and thus anything smaller.

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