5 Signs It’s Time For A New Everyday Carry Gun Belt

If you’re experiencing any of these five things with your gun belt, it’s probably time for a new one.

  1. Excessive fraying.

A little fraying here or there can happen with anything we wear over time. However, if you notice that the fraying on your gun belt is getting worse or maybe beginning to shred into the belt with ratchet system material, it’s a sign your gun belt is breaking down and getting weak. 


  1. Finicky buckle.

If there seems to be any sort of mechanical issue with your everyday carry belt preventing you from fastening it correctly, it might be time for a replacement. If you have an interchangeable belt buckle, you can likely find a replacement buckle instead of purchasing a whole new gun belt


  1. Funky smell.

If you wear something every day, it’s probably going to smell weird after a while. Since gun belts are typically dense materials for optimal sturdiness, it can be hard to get the belt completely clean and funk-free. 


  1. It hurts when you wear it.

Sometimes belts just don’t sit on your hips correctly. It’s important to have a belt that fits properly and feels comfortable so you don’t have to be readjusting it throughout the day. Consider purchasing a different style gun belt, or try another width. 


  1. Or you’re just not wearing it.

Maybe you realized you’re just not wearing your gun belt anymore. That could be a sign that it’s just not right for you. Luckily, there are tons of great options on the market today. We guarantee you can find a gun belt that works and you love to wear. 

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