Bestseller Spotlight: Nexbelt Supreme Appendix Gun Belt

Why would the Nexbelt Supreme Appendix Gun Belt be our all-time bestseller? Well, there are a few great reasons. 

  1. Nexbelt’s seamless design looks great for any occasion.

Black, simple and understated. The Nexbelt Supreme Appendix Gun Belt offers a neutral design that makes any outfit look polished while keeping your sidearm completely safe and secure. The minimal design is a crowd favorite since it allows you to discreetly carry your sidearm without making it obvious that you’re wearing a pistol belt

  1. Small buckle = Maximum belt space.

The Nexbelt Supreme Appendix Gun Belt’s small, textured nickel belt buckle gives you plenty of space to carry your sidearm and other gear. The small buckle also adds to the belt’s simple design without looking boring. 

  1. Super-high density microfiber nylon means your belt will last.

Both practical and durable, the Nexbelt Supreme Appendix Gun Belt is made of super-high density microfiber nylon that is strong enough to carry all of your gear, but it’s still comfortable enough to move in throughout your day. 

  1. Fray-resistant features set it apart from other nylon gun belts.

Thanks to added leather stitching to the Nexbelt Supreme Appendix Gun Belt, the strap is resistant to fraying, which can be a common problem for lesser-quality gun belts on the market. Plus, the backing of the belt strap is sweat-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your men's belt made of webbing falling apart from frequent heavy wear. 

  1. Designed with your convenience in mind.

The Nexbelt Supreme Appendix Gun Belt is adjustable up to 50” with a push-button release. The easy release lets you easily tighten or loosen your belt based on your preferences - or the size of your lunch. Although it’s easy to adjust, the belt won’t budge thanks to its special clasp design that uses two set screws, rather than just one clasp. 




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