2ND Amen Men's Tactical 1.5 Inch Convertible TDU Rigger with Black Nylon webbing belt & Adjustable Metal Buckle


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2ND Amen Men's Tactical 1.5 Inch Convertible TDU Rigger with Black Nylon webbing belt & Adjustable Metal Buckle.

Introducing our Men's Tactical 1.5 Inch Convertible TDU Rigger Belt with Nylon Strap & Adjustable Metal Buckle is perfect for tactical or every day use. This Tactical EDC Rigger belt is NOT a gun belt, but a dam good everyday belt. Durable enough to support a small CCW & comfortable enough to hold your pants up everyday. Shop now while our stocks last.

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  • Small = 45"
  • Medium = 49"
  • Large = 53"
  • X Large = 57"
  • XX Large = 61"

HEAVY-DUTY EDC BELT: This tactical belt is attached with an aluminum alloy buckle, which is superbly strong and light for its ergonomic wear. The hook on our carry belt is highly functional and provides steady closures, ensuring a secure hold every day. The Adjustable Tactical Belt is expertly designed to be wear and tear-resistant, durable, and supports heavy weight without showing any sign of frailty.

CAMPING BELT FOR MEN AND WOMEN: The metallic buckle and the V-ring loop secure the running end on our utility belt, which keeps it cinched during high movement activities like running or hiking. This product is designed as a belt for officers, hikers, adventure-seekers, and individuals who need their equipment close by. Our EDC Belt offers additional safety and confidence of knowing your gear is easily accessible. 

HIGH-QUALITY GUN BELT: Our Unisex waist tactical belt is made with Nylon Webbing material which is breathable and comfortable for everyday wear. This utility belt is also quadruple-stitched and can be converted into a tie-down or secondary carry strap. This makes our carry belt strong enough to withstand high pressure, difficult break, or pull off. The weaving of our military-grade belt makes it compact, difficult to cut, and improves its ability to hold a heavier weight.

ADJUSTABLE TACTICAL BELT: Our Military tactical belt comes with no holes, which means it can be completely adjusted for a custom fit whether you're carrying your gear or not. Adjust our every day carry belt to the suitable comfort depending on the activity you are up to. It uses 300D Eco-friendly Nylon Webbing with a great grip that keeps your equipment steady in one place. 

A UTILITY BELT FOR EVERYONE: The belt is 1.5inch wide to make sure that it fits most of the belt loops. Our military belt is popularly used for any IWB or OWB holster. It’s a great belt for police, firefighters, CCW, security guards, electricians, and utility workers in need of a great duty belt to carry tools or weapons. Whether you use your strap for everyday carry, emergencies, or military training, it ensures that you stay ready.

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